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Windows Server Deduplication

Thought to be one of the useful features of Windows Server since the launch of the 2008 R2 version. Deduplication is a native feature added through the server manager that gives system administrators enough time to plan server storage and network volume management. Most Server Administrators rarely talk about this feature until it is time […]

Windows Server 2016 – Whats New in Data Deduplication

Deduplication intends to eliminate repeating data to create a single instance. The creation of the single instance improves storage utility and works well in a network with heavy network transfers. Some may confuse deduplication from data compression, which identifies repeat data within single files and encodes the redundancy. In simple terms, deduplication is a continuous […]

Windows Server 2019 Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

The Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a platform provided by developers of Microsoft for preventive protection of their devices. It is still active a security breach, conducts an automated investigation, and responds accordingly. Security is one of the biggest investments the Microsoft community directs to its Windows Servers releases. The Windows Server 2019 […]

Windows Server 2019 Essentials

The Windows Server 2019 Essentials does what the current version of Windows Server 2016 was designed to do, answering to the needs of small businesses employing between 25 users or uses a total of 50 devices. The latest Windows Server 2019 Essentials is due to the broad consultations in a bid to understand the needs […]

How to Prevent Privilege Creep With FolderSecurityViewer

Ensuring the right access privileges are aligned with appropriate user roles is usually the headache of the IT department. If there is a mismatch between a user’s responsibilities and their access privileges, it poses serious security risks, including data breach, exfiltration of sensitive information, and implantation of viruses and worms on the company’s systems. In […]

How To Upgrade Windows Server 2019

In-place upgrading of a Windows Server Operating System allows the Administrator to upgrade the existing installation of Windows Server to a new version without changing the existing settings and features. The Windows Server 2019 In-Upgrade feature allows you to upgrade the existing The Long-Term Servicing Channel (LSTC) release like the Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows […]

Windows Server 2016 and GDPR

“As the world continues to change and business requirements evolve, some things are consistent: a customer’s demand for security and privacy.” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO An important topic in European IT world these days is GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ). A new European data and privacy protection law will be activated on May […]

Detect Permission Changes in Active Directory

This articles describes how to track permissions changes in Active Directory. Overview Let’s start an article, with a small example : If some example organization works in three shifts, with different server administrators, and , in meantime permissions on some Active Directory objects, change, overnight, it is the good practice to know which admin ,and […]