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Best Practices for Designing Share Sizes

Relying on Microsoft to find a way to define share sizes for your server may not be that easy. There’s no clear definition as to how Administrators should handle share sizes by following a set standard. In the server environment, it takes a personal intuition to develop some of the best practices that can be […]

What’s New in Windows Server 2016 Federation Services?

The corporate environment requires many collaboration application services to promote a seamless workflow environment. Windows Server 2016 represents major steps towards an environment that supports cloud features and an improved level of security and innovations. Some of the improvements found in Windows Server 2016 include: Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Microsoft IP Address Management (IPAM) […]

Guide for Securing File Server

How hardened is your organization’s file server to protect data from unauthorized access? Every organization running a file server needs to have a way of protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access, especially from outside. The fact that your server may be in a physically secure place does not mean the security configurations within the operating […]

Setting Up Active Directory in Windows Server 2016

The latest addition to the Windows Server versions is the Windows Server 2016. Setting up an Active Directory may be something you have already done in the previous versions, but still, getting to know the steps needed to set up an Active Directory role for 2016 is important. There are two important steps to consider […]

Windows Server Optimization: Active Directory Auditing – Track User Logons

Tracking user logons gives system administrators an opportunity to identify active and inactive accounts and global access rights that could put the organization information at risk. Active Directory auditing involves the collection of data on all Active Directory Objects and attributes that are helpful in analyzing and reporting the overall health of the Active Directory. […]

How to Migrate Filesystems Data to Windows Server 2016

One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for IT Administrators is migrating file shares and their permissions. Before embarking on the migration, some procedures need to be followed to avoid mishaps like broken file systems or lost files. The most common form of data migration is done by carrying all files and permissions. Microsoft […]

How to Audit Active Directory Using ‘Netwrix’

Auditing Active Directory in any environment has become a critical task in the IT department. Small and large organizations are using Windows Active Directory Auditing Software to pass compliance tests and overcome security challenges. At the heart of a Windows-based Enterprise Network, the mechanisms used by administrators to organize and control the resources and objects […]

Admin’s Advice: No to ‘Deny’ Permission

In this article, we will bring you some solutions that can help resolve an incorrect grant of a User’s rights. These solutions may also make an Administrator’s life easier by dealing with the consequences brought about by the misuse of the “Deny” permission. Take this scenario as an example. The user changed Folder Permissions to […]

Exporting A Directory Tree of A Folder in Windows

When working on your computer, a time comes when you need to explore an entire directory tree to a folder. Sometimes, all you want is a list of all your files and folders contained in a certain folder as a text document or an Excel spreadsheet. You may, a couple of times, find yourself in […]

How to Set Up Azure Active Directory Account

Microsoft is always dedicated to ensuring that individuals can access their computers and perform various tasks. The company established the Windows system to enable its users to launch and run various programs. As such, it is designed to accommodate other minor programs which perform specified tasks, enabling the use of Microsoft and computers become friendly […]