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Managing Data Access on Windows Fileservers: Processes and Responsibilities

Step 2: Processes and Responsibilities Definition of Business Processes and Responsibilities The second step in properly managing data access on Windows fileservers is to clearly define business processes and responsibilities. Each user has a specific responsibility within the business premise. To carry out the various processes and realise the business’ goals, every user should be […]

Managing Data Access on Windows Fileservers: Planning

 Step 1: Planning Designing Folder Structure and Policies for Permission Assignment Foremost, to successfully manage data access on Windows fileservers, sufficient planning is necessary—or failure could ensue. Comprehensively planning the designing of folder structures and policies for permission assignment will greatly minimise administrative headaches and maximise productivity. Planning how to set up folder structure for […]

Managing Data Access on Windows Fileservers: Introduction

Windows fileservers are usually seen as convenient storage systems for managing data access within an organisation. However, fileservers are a mixed blessing: aside from being effective in providing easy user access, their improper management is often the headache of the IT department. Unauthorised access to shared data, distortion and even deletion and alteration of files […]

More Space! The Four Best Free Windows Disk Space Analyzing Tools

Having sufficient hard drive space is the desire of every computer user. Who doesn’t constantly check to find out whether there is enough disk space left for a new application, picture, or anything else? With a good analyzing tool, you can conveniently examine what is taking up most of the room in your hard drive, […]

Managing Disk Quotas on Windows Server 2019

Disk quota management provides a way of controlling the disk space available to users accessing the server and storing files. When a user exceeds their quota, then they can no longer add additional data. The File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) feature in Windows Server 2019 gives system administrators the ability to set the storage quota […]

10 Useful and Exciting Windows Command Prompt Tricks

With a beautiful interface such as that of Windows 10, it’s quite easy to forget the marvels that come with the Windows command prompt (CMD) nifty tool. While the command prompt may appear mysterious and intimidating for some people, it’s easy to make the most of the tool. In this tutorial, you will learn some […]

Techniques for NTFS File Recovery

File recovery refers to scanning a specific drive or folder and retrieving deleted files or entries located in the Master File Table (MFT). It can also be described as the process of recovering or retrieving data which has been accidentally or deliberately damaged or corrupted from an inoperable or malfunctioned hard drive. In this guide, […]