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How to Use the NTFS Compression Feature on Windows 10

Imagine using a machine that never gets full because you know how to bypass or free up more space to hold more data. The NTFS compression feature can help you to manage the straightforward task of making your files smaller on storage media. The Windows 10 operating system, with its New Technology File System (NTFS) […]

How to Hide the Binary Process in Windows

The Windows operating system automatically removes “..”at the end of each file. So, what happens if we have a process that uses the name “file1..” to check the signature of Antivirus products? We can try to see what happens: Here are the files we have created above: Microsoft’s taskmgr Fake malware with the name “file..” […]

A Simple Way to Create and Hide a Junction Link on Windows 10

In the Windows Operating system, there are three types of links: Hard links Junction links Symbolic links A hard link creates a second directory entry to a file such that it can reference a file using more than one reference path. A symbolic link creates a new file altogether that references an already existing file. […]

How To Hide All NTFS Alternate Data Streams

It’s possible to dump Alternate Data Streams (ADS) using the /r switch in the dir command. Moreover, you can also use the streams.exe tool found within the Windows Sysinternals to dump the streams On earlier Windows versions, ADS was hidden by concealing the reserved names as the base names. Examples of such names include CON, […]